hi ! my name is amelian, but you probably already noticed.
my name sounds like “ a $1,000,000” dollars.

i am a multi disciplinary artist, creative labor imagineer + facilitator at Sisters With Invoices™

SWI is a safe space taking a stand against industry and creative exploitation. we believe in crafting a new industry standard to ensure cultural laborers overcome plantation politics systemically, externally and internally. we are comprised of fugitive, autonomous, polymath BIPOC trans, femme and queer freelance creators, healers, sex workers and believers.

my practice identifies the varying correlations between organization and autonomy as a form of resistance. my work is built around creating conversations that put creative labor ethics under a microscope.  the exploitation i experienced has enabled me to see the world with compassionate eyes. i believe ethical creative praxis will revolutionize the way we engage with industry at large.