︎ i am a multi-hyphenate. 

︎ founder of Sisters With Invoices™
︎ painter ( --> that’s me with my work at FEELS circa 2018, via The Fader photographed by Mancy Gant ) 
︎ creative director
︎ consultant and coach
︎ a wardrobe stylist + designer
︎ critic, writer, voice
︎ sartorialist
︎ empath psychic clairsentient
︎ a wardrobe stylist, designer
︎ home/studio organizer
︎ i DJ under the moniker
Always In My Feelings on Lower Grand Radio
︎ *will karaoke anywhere, anytime.

︎ right now i’m listening to a audio book: Drug Use For Grown Ups, Chasing Liberty In The Land Of Fear by Dr. Carl Hart