︎ hi! my name is amelian, like a $1,000,000 dollars. 

︎ i am a polymath. 

︎ the founder of Sisters With Invoices™
︎ a community facilitator
︎ artist / creative director
︎ a wardrobe stylist + designer ︎ critic, writer, voice and occasional DJ 
︎ sartorialist
︎ empath psychic clairsentient
︎ a wardrobe stylist, designer
︎ home/studio organizer
︎ a karaoke fiend

my creative and arts practice explores the intersections + politics of race, labor, ethnicity, culture, gender, pop culture, communication, abolition, healing arts, metaphysics, economic development, transparency, fashion, etymology and design. 

︎video by Kayla Reefer