︎ hi! my name is amelian, like a $1,000,000 dollars. i’ve been saying this since i was a lil’ milly. i was born and raised in anchorage, alaska. dad is an african descendant of chattel slavery by way of lousiana + deep east oakland, born on a sharecropper’s farm. mom is from tokyo, japan. i am the oldest of 4 girls.

︎ my pro-nouns are she/her/they/them.

︎ i am a polymath. my political, creative and arts practice explores the intersections of race, labor, ethnicity, culture, gender, pop culture, communication, abolition, healing arts, metaphysics, economic development, transparency, fashion, etymology and design. my father taught me about white supremacy at a very young age.

︎ i came of age between oakland during summer months surrounded by the love of my granny and aunties. the femme influences, especially my dear mother yoko and big cousins in the northwest, east/west coast helped shaped me into who i am today. i was taught how to be an individual, style, empathy, strength, resillence, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and empathy.

i am currently:

︎ the founder of Sisters With Invoices™
︎ a community facilitator
︎ creative director
︎ host + speaker
︎ cultural consultant
︎ critic, writer, voice
︎ sartorialist
︎ empathic clairsentient
︎ a wardrobe stylist, designer
︎ home/studio organizer
︎ a karaoke fiend

︎ Sisters With Invoices™ was created as a response to the exploitation i experienced by adidas and designer jeremy scott, in addition to the abuses faced as a wardrobe stylist behind the scenes. SWI explores cultivating conversations centered around labor, financial/business abuse, fair working conditions for artists, emotional intellegence, dissent, healing, protecting the culture and media literacy. spiritual and economic development go hand in hand, period.

︎ i’ve been blessed with perspective, purpose, healing. community, family, friends and kind strangers have healed my once shattered heart.

styling made me, community saved me! 

︎ deeply influenced by:

my ancestors. my dynamic multitalented sisters and parents, bell hooks. swv. ida b. wells. total. sojourner truth. aretha franklin. audre lorde, james baldwin. yayoi kusama. organization. spirit. water. bath houses. cultural critics. bravery. travel, non conformity.

︎ education:

bachelors in journalism media studies with a minor in fine arts from University Of Nevada Las Vegas.

︎ life mantra:

assimilation is the death of self expression.

︎ energy: punk monk

︎video by Kayla Reefer