Hey hey! My name is Amelian. I am a clairsentient
Multi-Dimensional Artist and Community Facilitator based in Los Angeles, CA.  I am the founder of Sisters With Invoices. 

Through the diversity of my varying experiences behind the scenes of the media industry, i’m lending my expertise in the form of creative organizing sessions. This can happen in person or digitally. 

︎︎︎ To book a 30 minute consultation with ya girl to see if we are aligned please click here for a calendly booking or you can ︎ email me at :


My services as follows: 

( if you click this link it will take you to the video shown left that explains everything in more detail )

︎ Physical Organizing Solutions:

  • Homes 
  • Apartments 
  • Garages 
  • Kitchens 
  • Closets
  • Artist Studios
  • Retail 
  • Inventory
  • Outdoor Spaces 
  • Sheds 
  • Events 
  • Archives 
  • Papers 
  • Digital Files
  • Office
  • Events

︎ Communication Support:

  • Email
  • Reponses 
  • Grievances 
  • Conflict 
  • Resolution 
  • Digital Copy ( site, bio, social media )
  • Cross Cultural
  • Identity
  • Transformation 
  • Creative Negotiation/ Team Building / Co-habitation 
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Revolving Thoughts 

︎ Digital Doula :

  • Tech Support With Patience And Compassion
  • Bringing A Idea To Fruition ( Social, Commerce, etc ) 
  • Tech And App Consultation, Coaching For Those Looking To Be More Adept.

︎  Aesthetic, Design & Illustration :

  • Creative  Direction
  • Consultation 
  • Illustration
  • Deck Design
  • Communication/ Visual Strategy

︎ Wardrobe, Wear, Fashion + Style :

  • I’m facilitating Critical Fashion Theory community courses via Sisters With Invoices. 

  • I am available for individualized connections for people of all ages, backgrounds, body types interested in expanding their interest in the wardrobe world or looking to expand their own practice or identity aesthetically.

  • Also if you need support taking inventory of your archive, purging with need for support on re-selling, rental etc I can help with that too.